The Cape Brewery Closure - FT. Worth Texas

We are closing down the Cape Brewing Company in Ft. Worth Texas and will be decommissioning and loading trucks on June 6th & 7th.  All items are available for sale now, and will be shipped or picked up on those two days. Do not delay if you are needing equipment, this is a nice grouping of ABS brand brewery tanks and accessories. email today if interested in any of the items below!

Here are the items and asking prices: 

  • ABS 10bbl Brewhouse with 20bbl HLT, BK, MT, Controls, HX: $47,000
  • 10bbl ABS Brite Tank :$5,500
  • -20bbl Unitank Fermenter :$7,400
  • 20bbl Brite Tank: $7,400
  • 9HP Chillstar Pro Chiller: $7,000
  • RMS 6x6 Roller Mill: $4,900
  • Auger System :$1,200
  • ABS 2 head keg washer - automatic: $7,000
  • 2HP Cart Pump: $1,800
  • Walk-in Cooler: $5,500: 11' x 18' x 10' tall.
  • Spike System: $3,000
  • 6-gallon, small batch fermenters: $300 each
  • Walk Behind Electric Pallet Lift: $4,500
**IMPORTANT: this closure date is for shipping only. All items must be invoiced and paid prior, to us removing from the availability list. The ensures we have a complete closure when our crew arrives JUNE 6th for decommissioning and shipping.